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Chuck Close considering his legacy on Oldenberg Art by Ray Rolfe2
Chuck Close considers his legacy on Oldenburgs Bridge
A double provokation of Claes Oldenburg and Chuck Close.I've just read an article on Facebook, posted by AE Gallery Director. The article was about Chuck Close not exactly being suportive of another...

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1925 Minneapolis Journal, Historic Deepzoom  
1925 Minneapolis Journal, Historic Deepzoom
Very high resolution scans of an 85 year old local news paper, composed together with new technology allowing a very deep zoom ability. This is the front page of the Minneapolis Journals Rotogravure Section...
The Hexagon Bar for Google Earth, 3D Model.  
The Hexagon Bar for Google Earth, 3D Model.
I am currently a 3d Model Maker, for Google Earth, in Minneapolis. I've been monitering production this week as I contribute new building models. There are a good group of local artists and students...
Christmass Tree Top Fire
Christmass Tree Top Fire
My aunts home burned down recently. I went to take pictures. Merry Christmas.

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