Pete Anderson

Dwelling Series #1
"Hawthorne". A part of my Senior Seminar at Bethel College, this cathartic piece was one of several that explored the spiritual sediment that remained within me dating back to my parents divorce almost...

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"Jottings to Jacob" (in progress)  
"Jottings to Jacob" (in progress)
Created late in 2003, this piece represents my first attempt to use multiple font sizes in a single piece. The smaller font reads "It's grandiose - bigger than what I feel capable of but wonderfully romanti...
Text Globe  
Text Globe
To be candid, I'm not sure what it says, but I do know that this piece represents one of the first times that I used impressed text without spaces between the words. The intent was to transition focus from...
"Is Hope Cliche?"
"Is Hope Cliche?"
Part of an ongoing spiritual journey, this intimate bowl touches on the struggle of balancing the desire of being accepted in the secular world while attempting to develop a relationship with Christ. It now...

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