Jack Pavlik

12 Bands
12 Bands
Kinetic sculpture, 2007 Please view the video at http://www.vimeo.com/4512806

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8 Bands  
8 Bands
8 Bands, 200272” x 48” x 36”, welded steel, motor In this piece I utilized the flexible and resilient nature of the spring steel that I had been using to create the sound in the earlier works to create a...
Sound Sculpture 2
Sound Sculpture 2
Sound Sculpture 2, 1998108" x 42" x 16”welded steel, motor, electronics This was an early work that investigated the use of sound in sculpture. I was struck by the sound that is produced when a wood hand saw...

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Seeing the 3-D Biennial at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, Dec 10, 2007
Line and Labor, Feb 11, 2009

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