Billy X. Curmano

Billygig near the Headwaters
Swimmin' the River
Alligators, lightning and sharks...Oh my! I became the first person in recorded history to swim from the source of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico during the performance and environmental...

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Futurism's Bastard Son  
Futurism's Bastard Son
Billy X. Curmano Futurism's Bastard Son was published by Mark Pezinger Verlag – Vienna and released at Kunstverein Kassel parallel to the international art exposition Documenta 13...
Printed Matter, Tracks and Archive  
Printed Matter, Tracks and Archive
The nature of intermedia practice often leaves tracks - from simple drawings or scratches on the earth, to printed matter, odd objects and audio/video materials. I have always tried to document and publish...
Retro-Curman(o)* or how I got here My ancestors had the “O” stolen from the Curmano family name at Ellis Island. As an adult, I took it back. I believe my earliest performance to have been “Kicks to...

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access+ENGAGE Issue 14.1: All the World's a Stage, Feb 8, 2007
The Renegade: Pranks, Performance and Billy X. Curmano's Idea of Fun, Jan 28, 2008

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