Todd Cobery

Zombie Dodgeball
Zombie Dodgeball
This is a 40 second piece made for a specific short film competition. I co-directed it with my friend, Was Berkley. The zombie's bones are brittle so watch out for projectile body parts.

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A mystery with as many unaswered qustions as memento. Who are these people? Who is this man? What the F is he talking about? A comedic mystery made for the 2005 48 Hour Film Project, starring "Let's...
The Room  
The Room
A woman wakes in a darkened room with no idea where she is or how she arrived there. IN this case, not knowing may be better than knowing.
Blind Date
A short musical comedy made by Central Services as part of the 2004 Minneapolis version of the 48 Hour Film Project. Boy meets Girl. Boy gets a lot of bad ideas...then sings about them. Shot on 24p mini...

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