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LIPS:Contains a small motor, speaker, toy microchip, motion detector and rotating arm. Lips has a very sensitive motion detector. To activate he can be talked to or bumped. When activated, a small...

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Fraidy Cat  
Fraidy Cat
FRAIDY CAT:Contains a turn crank, rubber, wax, leather, fabric, plastic, and a spring loaded rotating weight. When you turn the crank clockwise, a rotating weight makes him vibrate in circles.
DEAR:Contains a small motor with weight, small toy microchip, pressure button, coral, plastic, and fabric.To activate, press the pressure button on the opposite side, and Dear's head will vibrate.
Oil Can Puppet
Oil Can Puppet
OIL CAN PUPPET:Contains an oil can, wax, rubber, and fabric.This toy is a hand puppet. When used correctly, its movements are life-like.

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