Patricia Scott

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Dorset Journal
This linocut collage from the Dorset Journal series plays with the visual impressions I recorded in my jounal while on an extended stay in Dorset England. I was particularly drawn to the materials used...

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King of Clubs  
King of Clubs
Local icon, no longer in existence. It had it's international debut in the Cohen Brothers' film, Fargo
Chain-link Landscape with Flamingo
Chain-link Landscape with Flamingo
My depiction of chain-link fencing and pink flamingo lawn ornament is an attempt to reclaim some freshness for what I see as a tired, but still fervent wish to enhance and personalize one's life.

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State Fair Winners: Prints and Painting, Aug 24, 2006

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2004 Fine Arts Exhibition (Prints/Fiber/Textiles)
MASHUP a+E Issue 8.2: 2006 MN State Fair Fine Arts Winners
Memory Bank

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