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  • I wrote two scores for two different productions. One in Jamestown, No. Dakota 1966, and one for St. Thomas University Theatre 1990. I wrote a lot of short musical hits and considerable mood music to enhance the scenes. The only piece that has any appeal to me is included.
  • Ben James updated the Artwork BIRDS DAY OUT
    These pieces were writen over a ten year period. Some are like the bird looks, some like the bird acts and some I don 't know.
  • Songs using a collection of Stevenson's children's poems. To be sung by a soprano for children or on recitals. These are instrumental versions only with a solo instrument standing in for the soloist. Complete songbooks are available.
  • Ben James updated the Artwork SONGS 9
    Songs based on [b]very sad poems[/b] i.e. Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost, Henry Tomrod, Marie Deal, Walter DeCasseres, Lorraine Finley, Elizabeth Morrison, Samuel Hinds. For various voice ranges...male and female.
  • Ben James updated the Artwork ZOO
    The music Salmon 88 was written for Migizi Communications. Migizi at the time, 1988, it was the Arts and Education arm for A.I.M., American Indian Movement. The piece was played on and off all day at a special event at the Minnesota Zoo featuring Indian lectures and how animals were important to the plains Indians in particular. These pieces are actually my idea of a great zoo. My writing about them should be taken with a grain of...............
  • Ben James updated the Artwork THEATER SONGS
    All of these pieces are pretty straight ahead, tonal, like you could whistle them. Not like most of my work..
  • Ben James updated the Artwork ODDS AND ENDS
    These are works that don't have a home in any particular collection. Therefore Odds and Ends.[b] Hula/Tuba Love[/b] was performed at the Intermedia stage space along with 15 other works from around the world. It was the only live work using 2 opera voices, a jazz singer, a country western singer, an Avant Garde jazz trio and a reel to reel tape loaded with prerecorde SFX and synth legato lines. The other pieces were on CDs. [b] Ikea[/b] was written after a 'trip' to [b]Ikea[/b] in The Twin Citie…
  • Ben James updated the Artwork EARTH LAB
    The songs in this collection are written mostly for young listeners to be able to dance and sing too. They are very traditional in nature and parody my styles i.e. the 50s, Rapp, R&B and Musical Comedy. They are very much fun. The Minnesota Pollution Contral adjency commissioned they to be handed out at the Minnesota State Fair. The were a hit. They gave away 25,000 copies with requests coming in after the fair was over. Singers are local professionals. We even used sons and daughters on COM…
  • Ben James updated the Artwork CITY NOISE
    Pst...I got such a deal. Come on do your business, I've got a date. I used to go to school here. It's cold out, it's hot, run, run....... The sound a kid makes upon observing something gross.
  • Ben James updated the Artwork OEDIPUS
    All of this music/sound design was used to accent the Play Oedipus at the O'Shaghnessy Theater at St. Catherine's campus in St. Paul, MN.