Archival digital print
12''h x24''w aprox.
dyed, sewn recycled and dyed scraps of felt, yarns, netting s. and fabrics
Nassen Paste Resist in acid dyes on silk
45''x45'' silk satin scarf
sewn recycled and dyed scraps of felt, fur, yarns. and fabrics
4'h 6'w
3 photo prints on aprox. 12''h x24''w paper
Archival digital prints
14''w x45''h
Archival digital print
Can be printed any size up to 4'x6'
wet molded recycled wall cloth into hat and decorated it, with featherts and floral supplies
aprox. 14'' x 16'' diameter


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  • This is how I see my neighbor and painter, and my childrens' Marcy Open School art teacher
  • Candy Kuehn updated the Artwork It is She
    this piece is about the First Woman whose mitocondria DNA we all have inside us..Carole Faye Meadows is the Woman
  • Candy Kuehn updated the Artwork Worlds in Whirls
    This is a satin charmuse 45"x45" scarf painted using rice paste resist(NASSEN) It is physics, how worlds are imbeded in our world, between time and spaces.
  • This cotton,dyed and sewn coat was sold to friend learning shaman practices..Netting and crochet work helped combine silk painted lining, cottonfelt with and to the dyed yarns. It's about walking in the moonlight, not knowing who , I/we, are in the shadows of our children, the trees, and our lives.
  • It is a tryptich about and from a warm Febuary day's walk..watching the fog. crows, and feeling small and huge..time had no time of day..I used my Iphone and apps to make piece (finish on computer) this piece was exhibited at the Minnnesota State Fair and the WARM group show 2012
  • Histomatic and HDR Iphone apps from a spring walk near St. Anthony Falls
  • Candy Kuehn updated the Artwork Fake Shaman Coat
    this sewn ,dyed,and layered felt piecedwork was the first one that I conciously used my favorite work in museums,ways of making, the shaman made coats, rattles.and shields
  • Candy Kuehn updated the Artwork A Hat
    I love doing hats...small sculptures..nests...frollics
  • These panels were features and projected set pieces for Interferance Arts production of "The Hill has Something to Say", that played at the Ritz Theatre in November 2012..Craig Harris was producer and composer for the production. These panels were printed on aluninum for Hopkins Art Street 2013. They won the Childrens Choice Award.