Contemporary Performance
Contemporary Performance
Commissioned for the 2018 Right Here Showcase.
Contemporary Performance
Contemporary Performance


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  • Dear Moheb, I'm so glad you're asking me to write to you. You've been in Tulsa so long now it was a pleasure-shock to hang out with you after your residency presentation at the M. (I'm just going to say this whole shortening of names to initials thing for institutions is degrading and exploitative, right, J.Lo?) It was so odd to have you appear almost as a stranger.  I want to have you back here in town. I want more people who make things that I can talk to. And (I'm going to make up a stalking…
  • Charles Campbell updated the Artwork APPETITE
    APPETITE was an experiment in performance using the principle of audio feedback as a creative tool made live in collaboration between Skewed Visions co-founder Charles Campbell and composer/sound designer Ted Moore. Part concert, part storytelling, part film, part consumption-machine lovefeast, APPETITE could be described as the re-telling of history after the invention of time-travel. Inspired by sources as varied as Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle, Chris Marker’s sci-fi film-nove…
  • Inspired by research into the nature of time and the combinatino of dystopian narratives in popular culture with resurgent political and social activism, Birds of the Future explored what it is to recognize one's place in a seemingly endless cycle of utopian iimpulses and dystopian realities. Rather than revel in a bleak aesthetic of apocalypse, Birds of the Future wrestled with the possibliities revealed by chaos -- among them, a new understanding of time in which each moment is open to the pos…
  • Charles Campbell updated the Artwork Want
    Commissioned as part of the 2018 Right Here Showcase Walking in New York city in April 2018, I was struck by the sight of a building that as so tall and thin it looked like a toy. Back in Minneapolis I discovered it was 432 Park Avenue, a luxury condominium building – the tallest residential tower in the hemisphere, with units priced at up to $82 million and a design based on a Josef Hoffmann trash can. It is estimated that 90% of the units will remain unoccupied for more than 10 months a year…
  • Charles Campbell updated the Artwork Losing Kantor
    Tadeusz Kantor was an influential and uncompromisingly radical visual artist and theater-maker born in Poland in 1925. His drawings, paintings, objects, writings, theories, and performances continue to influence many artists internationally, and were always a personal response to the time and place in which he lived. Kantor was celebrated around on his centenary in 2015. Here in Minneapolis, his thinking has been one of the major influences on the work of Skewed Visions since our formation ove…