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  • Christopher updated the Artwork "Ho Hum"
    This piece was born out of a sense of yearning. I wanted to create a sculpture that was a bold and cinematic but had nothing more to say than a general sense of ennui or boredom. A weakness of the image is that you cannot see the movement of the piece; air current in the room causes the sequins to move, which creates a shimmer effect.
  • Christopher updated the Artwork "Hanky Project"
    "The Hanky Project" started out as a rather hopeful piece, initially started as a response to the gay marriages happening around the country. I had not imagined that I would see that event in my lifetime. But the resulting backlash and adoption of constitutional amendments banning gay marriage cast this piece in a more cynical light. Reintroducing the bandanna code was a way to benchmark the progress in the gay semiotics and culture. Bandanas have been used as basic signifiers of desire and feti…
  • Christopher updated the Artwork OMG