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  • Cindy Pendroy posted a new Artwork Shady Respite
    Northern New Mexico is a place where I feel at home. The spirituatlity of the land and people creates a connection that I try to reflect in my art.  Pedernal Mountain is one of my favorite subjects.  It watches over the surrounding land and mountains like a caretaker, making one feel safe and secure.  This painting was done from a photo taken in the spring of 2018.  It is simply one of my favorite places. 
  • updated the Artwork Long Life
    I painted this tree while my Dad was in the hosptial and then placed in memory care.  He has had a long and hard life and the tree represents the wear and tear of life on the body, but that despite the harshness of life there is a certain beauty in the bark that can only be gained from really living life and its ups and downs.