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commissioned painting by Joey Lee, made on the Ocean City boardwalk, at 11.428ft above sea level; mat and frame

replacement sink handles

Aluminum roofing flashing

canteen, lucky rabbit's feet, and water

Contemporary Performance

Concrete and thera-band

heat-shrink tubing, chicken feet, Insulation foam, compass, and hardware

ink on paper

heat-shrink tubing, pig hoof, weather alert radio (cut), Starbucks dark roast coffee, cock rings, broken terra-cotta roof shingles, and hardware

heat-shrink tubing, Parachute Survival Bracelets, granola, light bulb, memory cards, glacial float copper, chocolate covered espresso beans, Wood, and hardware

Contemporary Performance

found objects, Wood


sculpture with video

Installation, Participatory, Sculpture, Socially Engaged

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