2020 Residencies at Gettysburg National Military Park


National Parks Arts Foundation

NPAF 2019 Gettysburg National Park (8 Residencies with $1000 stipends)

A month in a 100 year old farmhouse at Beautiful Gettysburg National Park.

NPAF offers in-park residency at one of the most beautiful iconic battlefield parks of the United States Civil War.

The National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF) in association with Gettysburg National Military Park of the National Park Service offers artist, veteran artists & writer residencies in Southern Pennsylvania. The battlefield, located just outside the town, apart from its historical importance in the Civil War and the fortunes of the Confederacy, is also considered one of the seminal birthplaces of unflinching war photography, as friends and rivals Matthew Brady and Alexander Gardner and their teams of assistants were quickly on site to document, for the first time, the shocking devastation caused by modern warfare. The eerie pathos of ghostly warriors, and the contrasts of placid landscapes that make up the park’s ambiance will fuel and inspire your next artistic project.

Our Residencies at Gettysburg offer:

  • On-Site residence in the heart of Gettysburg National Military Park, a unique park complex that contains battlefield sites, a thousand memorials, the famous Cyclorama painting by Philipoteaux, and a National Cemetery inside its boundaries.
  • A venue for workshops or public presentation of prior artwork or work in progress. If the Artist is interested in additional public interaction or performance, they may propose their ideas in the application.
  • $1000 Stipend
  • A chance to donate artwork, through NPAF, to the National Parks Collection and become a part of America’s National Heritage.
  • Artist Studio space as part of residence available.
  • No residency fee.

Founded in 1893, Gettysburg National Military Park is a United States National Park located outside the town of Gettysburg in the U.S. State of Pennsylvania. The park contains most of the key historical sites and memorials of the most famous battleground of the Civil War, which took place in 1863. It was also the site of Lincoln’s celebrated speech at the dedication of the Union forces cemetery, and over one thousand different memorials to the Union and Confederate soldiers who fought and died there. The Gettysburg National Military Park is also a popular destination for visitors and Civil War re-enactors alike, as well as a scenic parkland filled with orchards, woods, militaria, and old farmhouses. There are also a number of underused outbuildings that may be used by artists by special arrangement with the Park Service.

The residencies group into three categories.

U.S. MILITARY VETERANS AiR (open to Veterans of the United States Military)

ALL ARTS MEDIA AiR (five total, open to all artists working in any medium)

NPAF/POETRY FOUNDATION AiR (open to poets only)

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
There are no special facilities available to the artists. The Poet is free to roam and create in the park at their leisure or work in the Klingel house studio space.

The residency includes private in-park furnished housing in the historic Klingel House which was standing and central during the battle of Gettysburg in 1863.

The residency includes private in-park furnished housing in the historic Klingel Farm House which was standing and central during the battle of Gettysburg in 1863. It is spacious and also includes a nearby barn studio as well as several possible work spaces inside the house. Cable TV and Internet included.

Fees and support
NPAF is glad to offer a $1000 stipend for this residency, through and thanks to the Gettysburg Foundation.

Expectations towards the artist
The Artist is expected to make at least one public presentation, reading or performance while in residency. The presentation should focus on either their past art process or the work they are doing at the park. The Poet will also provide at minimum one workshop to a small group of visitors.

The artist must follow all park rules and regulations, and historical and cultural resources. The Artists will receive a briefing about the park, its cultural heritage, and its regulations at the beginning of the residency. Though there is public transportation, and Uber/Lyft to the park from Gettysburg, but YOUR OWN VEHICLE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

The artist may be expected to evacuate the park at short notice due to closure, fire or other unexpected events.

Because NPS Rangers and other staff have extremely busy work days, the poet may not burden or beleaguer park staff with unusual requests or extraordinary demands.

Application information
Fee to apply to this residency runs from $50 to $70 depending on the number of artists. The Veteran Category is sponsored so it is free to apply.

The deadline for ALL residencies is August 15th, 2018.


Opportunity Opens

Friday, Jun 28th 2019

Opportunity Closes

Thursday, Aug 15th 2019, 11:45pm

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