Artist-Business-Collaborators (ABC) in the Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ)


Artist-Business-Collaborators (ABC) in the Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ)

On August 1020 Artist-Business Collaborators (ABC) attended a gathering at Forecast Public Art with the desire to create unforgettable all-night installations in the Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) during Northern Spark 2017. Also present was the Chair of the Environmental & Natural Resource Commission for the City of Maplewood to assist with concept questions related to the Northern Spark theme of Climate Chaos | Climate Rising.

Those able to attend the high energy and productive speed networking event shared about artistic practice and vision as well as a business model and mission. Artists and Businesses were then matched up for further project exploration.

The next step to participate in the co-creation of activities that bring festivity to St. Paul's Central Corridor is to submit a project proposal. 

You do not have to have attended the event in order to complete a submission. Simply fill out the simple three question form for consideration of inclusion at a Raymond and University Avenue stop during Northern Spark 2017.

The submission deadline is September 10, 2016.

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Northern Spark

Northern Spark is a free, annual, dusk-to-dawn, multidisciplinary arts festival that draws tens of thousands of Minnesotans each year. The June 10, 2017, Northern Spark festival will simultaneously take place in Minneapolis and St. Paul using the Green Line as a connective spine. 

Climate Chaos | Climate Rising


For the 2016 and 2017 festivals, the theme Climate Chaos | Climate Rising explores the interconnected, evolving, long-term consequences from climate change to give local and national artists a platform that helps turn a sense of overwhelming into concrete actions anchored in a realistic and hopeful map for the future.

Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ)

Once known as 'West Midway,' the Creative Enterprise Zone is enjoying a renaissance featuring live / work / art spaces and sidewalk cafes / shops. Learn more by taking a video Walking Tour.

Opportunity Opens

Friday, Sep 9th 2016

Opportunity Closes

Saturday, Sep 10th 2016, 11:45pm

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