Artist-in-Residence Acadia National Park, Maine



Challenging Artists to Find New Perspectives

In exchange for a two-week immersive experience in Acadia, artists lead one outreach presentation for the public, and donate within one year one work of art that depicts a fresh and innovative new perspective of the park for visitors that's drawn from their own experience.

Selected artists travel to and take part in the program at their own expense at the invitation of the park superintendent. An online application process is open to all, but is highly selective based upon prior professional achievement and broader program goals to foster innovation, diversity, and relevance with new audiences. A $25 non-refundable application fee benefits program operational costs, such as artist housing, and the display of art maintained in the program collection.

Three categories of applicants are considered: Visual Artists; Writers; and At-Large Participants working in such forms as music composition, performing arts, indigenous arts, and emerging technologies. Applications are reviewed by appointed juries including park staff, community members, past program participants, and subject matter experts.

While the program seeks to be fair, consistent, and transparent, the number of residencies, their timing on the calendar, and the variety of specific park locations where they are hosted, may vary significantly from one year to the next. During peak visitation, typically June through August, the quantity and complexity of artist residencies tend to be limited due to scarce park housing and staff capacity.

In their statement of objectives and expectations during the application process, artists are encouraged to express preferences for dates and locations that are necessary to achieve their specific residency goals. Final selections are determined by a combination of jury rankings, and whether program managers are able to accommodate prefered residency dates and locations of top applicants.

Complete submittals will include:

Professional resume and summary of creative achievements
Brief description of objectives and expectations for a residency, including prefered dates and locations necessary for achieving specific goals
Brief description of intended approach to create a work of art that shows visitors a fresh and innovative new perspective of Acadia
Brief description of intended public presentation, including AV and infrastructure needs, and any other expectations of the park
Writers and poets may upload a single PDF file amounting to no more than 1,500 words of text (about six pages, typed, 10-point, double-space)

Opportunity Opens

Wednesday, Nov 29th 2017

Opportunity Closes

Monday, Jan 15th 2018, 11:45am

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