Arts, Culture, and Transportation (ACT) Fellowship


Transportation For America

Transportation for America is excited to announce the Arts, Culture, and Transportation (ACT) Fellowship, a new opportunity for professionals to increase their knowledge of the transportation planning and design process, and develop creative placemaking skills to better integrate artistic and cultural practices in transportation projects. With generous funding from the Kresge Foundation, T4America will be providing hands-on, curated learning opportunities to a cohort of approximately 10-15 working professionals from across the United States including transportation engineers, designers, and planners, artists, community organizers, and others working at the intersection of the arts and transportation.


Teams of candidates (at least two, but no more than four for each team) who share a geographic locality will apply. We recommend that your team have a mix of unique or shared experiences in the arts & culture and transportation sectors.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn how you can leverage creative placemaking in transportation projects, gain hands-on technical assistance geared towards addressing your community’s unique challenges, and put in practice the concepts T4America explored in our Creative Placemaking Field Scan.

Complete information about the application can be found in this informational PDF. Be sure to apply online by 5:00 p.m. EST on May 1, 2019.

Opportunity Opens

Monday, Apr 8th 2019

Opportunity Closes

Wednesday, May 1st 2019, 5:00pm

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