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4th Annual Co Lab Exhibition


Co Lab is an annual exhibition which pairs professional and self-taught artists to create a piece of collaborative artwork together as a means of radical inclusion. Artists are matched based on factors like personality, creative style, curiosity toward new mediums, and specific interests.

As a fundraiser, all supplies are provided by the gallery and exhibition sponsors. Co Lab artworks are sold during the opening reception and throughout the exhibition and the proceeds will benefit The Show Gallery Lowertown. These much-needed funds will provide exhibition opportunities, classes and support for artists with disabilities, as well as the continuation of the Co Lab project.

Through the gallery’s connection with the St. Paul Saints, each year Bill Murray selects his favorite piece- the Bill Murray’s Choice Award. Finished pieces are uploaded to The Show Gallery’s Co Lab blog, where Bill has the chance to read artist statements and view high quality documentation of the artworks. Bill looks over every piece of work that is shown in this exhibition! The award will be given during the opening reception.


The Show Gallery Lowertown is seeking to pair 20 groups of artists together for this exhibition. If you are interested in participating in Co Lab, please email the following information to [email protected] by April 1. Artists will be notified shortly thereafter.  


·      What kind of art do you create? Co Lab is open to artists of every medium, including visual arts, photography, film, spoken word , poetry, music, dance, installation and three dimensional work. Describe your creative process and the types of materials you typically like to use. Do you work in a studio? Are you willing to invite an artist to your studio during this process?


·      In a few sentences, tell us a bit about your personality and social preferences. Are you an introvert? An extrovert? Do you like to chat a lot during your art-making process? Do you prefer to work in a calm, quiet environment with lots of focus? Please be specific.


·      Attach work samples or website featuring artworks you’ve created which accurately represents the manner in which you’re willing and able to collaborate for this project.


·      The Show Gallery Lowertown will be hosting meet and make workshops between 10am – 1pm on selected Wednesdays throughout the project. You must be able to attend at least 3 of these dates to participate in the project. During these workshops, you will have access to supplies, facilitation and guidance by a gallery assistant. If you know that you are not available during the regular business day for Meet and Make workshops, please note that on your application email.

Co Lab Opening reception and BMCA award reception: September 8th, 4-7pm.

Why do we pair professional artists and self-taught artists?  This is an opportunity for both parties to generate a creative connection with someone outside of their day-to-day social circle. Partners benefit from this [unconventional] pairing by gaining a totally fresh viewpoint on the creative process, and often a genuine friendship.

Opportunity Opens

Thursday, Mar 8th 2018

Opportunity Closes

Sunday, Apr 1st 2018, 12:30pm

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