Call for Art: 'NO CIELINGS'


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In a few weeks, NEW RULES will rotate its Floor-pad, which was designed to showcase local & global interdisciplinary artisan bodies of work - perspectives. 

This group show will highlight 5-7 interdisciplinary artist & designers, ranging from fashion designers, visual artist, industrial, and more. The exhibit, titled 'NO CEILINGS' will be curated by NEW RULES & Friends, and will run from December 1st - January 31st.  


The vision for NO CEILINGS is to create an interactive experience that showcases the artistic expression & interpretation to the idea of a person (s) / community (s) / world with 'no limits'.  Inspired by No Ceilings, a mixtape by hip-hop artist Lil Wayne, he explained the concept on one of his new mixtape's skits: 

"I would love for you to look up into the building and understand that there is no ceilings; there is only the sky" 

And in his case, it's true; Wayne's potential greatness seems to have no limit-- or if it does have a limit, it's difficult to say what it might be. 

Through this experience we want people to feel connected, inspired and motivated to continue to walk into their light (calling or passion)! We see this show as a means to pay homage through featured bodies of work that illustrate pioneering change / embracing innovation / and celebrates risk-taking and the  'limitless potential' of one's ability to rise above. 


Selected Artist will receive a complimentary membership to our private Creative Workspace, equipped with state of the art equipment, tools, and resources needed to be successful. As a member, you will be able to host meetings, access a variety of creative equipment, and sell your work here at NEW RULES during the time of the exhibit. Last quarter we sold over $7k in the artwork on behalf of the local artist.  While selling your work is not required, it is highly recommended as we have thousands of visitors to space each quarter.  Pieces sold in-store will be listed on our online marketplace in an effort to increase visibility to each artist work. 

Dates to Remember 

11/11 - Registration Opens

11/22 - Registration Closes 

11/23 - Artist Selection - Email Notification Sent - Sign Contract Agreement 

11/28 - Last Day for Artist Drop

12/1 - Gallery Reception - Attendance Required 

1/31 - Artist Pick-Up Pieces-- 


Opportunity Opens

Friday, Nov 16th 2018

Opportunity Closes

Thursday, Nov 22nd 2018, 11:45pm

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