Call for Consignors at Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center


Are you an artist working in forms produced by heat, spark, or flame looking for a place to sell your work? What if you could help out emerging artists at the same time? The Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center, located at 38th & Chicago in South Minneapolis, is currently seeking artists to sell work on consignment in our gallery showroom, which operates on a regenerative model by putting proceeds into student scholarship support.    

The Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center (CAFAC) is a non-profit arts organization that fills a unique niche in arts programming for the Twin Cities region. Its focus is on fine and industrial art forms that are produced using heat, spark, or flame—collectively known as "fire arts"—including sculptural welding, blacksmithing, metal casting, jewelry making, flamework, neon, and more. CAFAC provides classes to anyone with an interest, from youth to adult and beginner to master-level artisans. We also offer studio access programs to working and emerging artists and feature a storefront gallery space.

Our gallery is a unique space that provides emerging artists with a jumping off spot while they hone their skills, established artists with the opportunity to mount solo and group shows, and the community with a welcoming space for people to connect to art and those that make it.

Proceeds from our gallery sales are dedicated to a scholarship fund that provides access to creators and makers that would otherwise be unable to afford them. Please join us in our efforts! We are particularly interested in jewelry, small scale sculpture and artworks, and yard/garden pieces, but are open to a variety of work. Our commission split is 70% artist / 30% CAFAC.

For questions and more information, contact Jhyle Rinker at [email protected] 

*Works (Left Photo, Clockwise) Jacob Stordahl, Hillarey Dees, Clayton Hubert, Lindy McSwan, Linda Seebauer Hanson, Sarah Morgan, Mary Frisbee Johnson, 2Roses, and Sarah Loch-Test
*Works (Right Photo) Altered Aesthetics by Becca Cerra

Opportunity Opens

Friday, May 10th 2019

Opportunity Closes

Saturday, Aug 10th 2019, 11:45pm

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