Call for Photographers - 2019 Rejected! Exhibition


Art @ 967 Payne

This is a call for photographers who entered the State Fair Fine Arts Competion Photography division that have been rejected in the first, or second, rounds.  Chances are, if you've entered the competition before, you've seen, our heard of our show.

Our event is about community, and together with our new venue, Art @ 967 Payne, we have nearly unlimited space for artists, meaning every one who enters, gets in.  We purposefully put this event on to empower artists to contine to work hard at their craft, even if they feel like they get no recognition. We provide that recognition, in spades!

We also don't promote competition in our show, it's about the appreciation of artists and their art.  We have a $10 fee to cover our costs.  The work that goes into this exhibition is a labor of love, and it has been extremely successful.

Entries are due by August 9th, at midnight. Enter here:

Our opening reception is planned for the evening of September, 20th, and is completely open to the public.  The reception will be hosted at Art @ 967 Payne - Located at 967 Payne Avenue, Saint Paul, MN, 55125

If you have questions, please email [email protected].

There are originators, and then there are imitators.  Go with an originator.

Opportunity Opens

Tuesday, Jul 30th 2019

Opportunity Closes

Friday, Aug 9th 2019, 11:45pm

Application Location

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