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Submissions are now open for:
Issue No. 146 - Winter 2020: PORTFOLIO ISSUE
Deadline: midnight December 8th, 2019 

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Non-subscribers may submit up to 8 images for $20 ($22 Canada, $24 All other foreign). All who submit will be mailed a complimentary copy of the issue.
Please read all guidelines


PORTFOLIO ISSUE: "I am delighted to announce that our Winter 2020 issue will be our first portfolio issue in the recent era of SHOTS Magazine. While I look forward to sewing together the variety of images that come to us for our themed issues, we are thrilled to provide a showcase for a smaller selection of artists to show their breadth and depth.

Specifically, I will be looking for strong images that work in concert with one another; portfolios that demonstrate that the whole can indeed be greater than the sum of its parts. As always, we are open to all forms of photography and do not favor any mode of making pictures.

SHOTS Magazine has a beautiful history of publishing portfolios, and I hope to build upon that legacy. Thank you for continually challenging me with such outstanding work, and I look forward to seeing what you will offer in portfolio form."
—Elizabeth Flinsch / Editor


Submission is open to all photographers internationally. Each new theme for submissions will be announced in the current issue, on our website and on our Instagram page. All processes, formats, techniques and experience levels are welcomed. Color work should be converted to black & white. Please follow guidelines closely.

We encourage a broad, unusual and creative interpretation of our theme. There is no need to be literal but do have images relate to the theme.

Images are chosen by artistic vision, overall excellence, how they relate to the theme, how well they reproduce in B&W and the whims of fate. All are subjective...

• Submissions must be received by call deadline
• Send up to 8 images for consideration
• Images submitted should relate to the theme
• The theme is open to broad interpretation. No need to be literal!
• Please convert color files to black & white
• No submission fee for current and renewing subscribers
• Subscribers can submit an additional 8 images for $20
• Non-subscriber entry fee $20 for up to 8 images ($22 Canada, $24 ROTW)
• Non-subscribers will be sent a complimentary copy of the issue to which they submit, whether their work is selected or not
• Submissions not prepared as per the guidelines cannot be accepted

No. 146 - Winter 2020; PORTFOLIO ISSUE; Deadline: Midnight, December 8th, 2019
No. 147 - Spring 2020; Theme TBA; Deadline: Midnight, March 15th, 2020
No. 148 - Summer 2020; Theme TBA; Deadline: Midnight, June 15th, 2020
No. 149 - Fall 2020; Theme TBA; Deadline: Midnight, September 15th, 2020

Shots does not review work on websites and does not accept unsolicited emailed files

300 PPI JPEG files, sized to approximately 12” in the longest direction and saved to the highest quality possible. Please include your name and the title of the image in each file name (for example: First _Last_Title.jpg).

Since all photographers submitting work will receive a copy of the magazine they submit to (and thus will see if their work was included), letters of notification are not sent. Please do not contact us asking if you were selected or not, you will be surprised (hopefully positively!) along with everyone else when your issue arrives.

As a way to promote the photographers presented in the pages of Shots and to encourage dialogue between contributors, locations (city/state/country) and website URL’s are printed in the back of the magazine. If you wish to have this information withheld, please indicate so. Also, photographs selected for Shots may be presented on the Shots website or in Shots social media feeds. If you do not wish to have your work shown on this site or on our social media sites (Instagram and Facebook), please indicate so. We always try to give photo credits.

All images, without exception, remain the copyright of the photographer creating the work. As creator or the work you own it- please be very suspicious of contests and publications that ask you to surrender ownership of your photographs. We wish to uphold and respect artists, as creators and owners of their work, while being an advocate for photographers rights. Shots Magazine's mission is to promote photography and photographers, never to exploit them. We hope others will respect photographer's rights as well.

The initial choices are made by our editor Elizabeth Flinsch. She is sensitive to a variety of styles and methods of making images and has a broad view of what photography can be. She does not consider the stature of the photographer but makes her choices completely by informed instinct and how the image plays off of or expands the notion of the particular theme in play. From there she makes an initial layout and then she and publisher Douglas Beasley go over image selections and pairings, trying to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

• Not following submission guidelines above
• Submitting image files that are too small to publish
• Submitting color image files instead of black & white
• Desaturating color files instead of converting to black & white
• Over-sharpening image files to the point of garishness
• Putting a photo credit or watermark on the image file
• Submissions that are obviously not aware of the theme

Opportunity Opens

Tuesday, Oct 29th 2019

Opportunity Closes

Sunday, Dec 8th 2019, 11:45pm

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