Design Downtown Banners in Northfield


Northfield Downtown Development Corporation & City of Northfield Arts and Culture Commission

In order to highlight downtown Northfield as a welcoming destination for visitors and residents alike, the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation and the City of Northfield Arts and Culture Commission are sponsoring a competition for artists to design a downtown banner that will serve as the general purpose banner for the city. Currently these banners are hung on lamp-posts along Division Street in the Historic District.

Our goal is to feature a banner that highlights the cultural, historic, and artistic characteristics of Northfield. This banner will replace the current “Historic Northfield Since 1855” red and blue banners, which have become tattered and damaged.

Possible themes:
● Historic Northfield
● Northfield as an arts town
● Northfield as a river town
● A welcome to visitors of Northfield
● Northfield as a shopping, cultural and dining destination

The banners will be digitally printed on durable fabric, possibly a long-lasting vinyl material, measuring 28” by 79”, portrait orientation, which is the standard size for the banner posts in Northfield. Since the call for banner art involves design only, and not the manufacture of the banner by the artist, there are no expectations for the artist to deal with specific artwork materials.

Submitted banner designs shall be for one banner intended to be used for all new, general purpose banners in downtown Northfield. In order to create a banner that is visible, understandable and attractive to pedestrian and auto traffic, it is recommended that the banner designs be
● viewable from a distance
● of an original design by the artist
● appropriate for viewing by all public audiences
● designed to include text and or/ images
● consistent with the unique character of the city of Northfield
● not sponsored or branded by any commercial entity

Submitted designs should be in the form of PDF or JPEG, at a maximum 3 MB for each submitted image.

The selected banner artist will be awarded a total of $400 for their submittal.

The approval process of new banner design, as specified in the City of Northfield’s Banner Policy, is as follows:
● Proposed new designs of the banners shall be reviewed by a Public Art Review
Committee (PARC) selected for the purpose of banner approvals.
● A member of the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) will be invited to
participate in the PARC process for any banners under consideration in the
Historic district of downtown Northfield.
● The PARC shall advise the ACC on recommendations for a new or modified
banner. ACC shall make the final decision of the design of the new or modified
banners, based on the recommendations of the PARC group.
● After ACC preliminary approval at a meeting there will be a period of 2 weeks for
public comment through the City website and City social media outlets. The ACC
may choose to provide additional public engagement including, but not limited
to, a public event to garner community feedback on options for final approval.
● The ACC may complete final approvals at a meeting after the prior processes are

Applicants for the Northfield Banner Design Competition must live or work within the Northfield School District Boundaries. Candidates are eligible regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, gender identification, military status, sexual orientation, marital status or physical ability. Candidates are NOT eligible if they are immediate family or business partners of the Public Art Review Committee or program staff.


Please send in the following information:
1. The name and contact information of the submitting artist.
2. Work Samples: Visual representations of any past projects that demonstrate
qualifications for the banner competition.
3. A finished design in the form of PDF or JPEG, at a maximum 3 MB for each submitted
image, and written description for the banner or banners.
4. Resume: Submit a resume that includes work experiences relevant to above mentioned

PLEASE NOTE Each artist may submit up to two entries. Each entry constitutes a single banner design. Both entries may be included on the same submission. Submission of art will establish an agreement by the artist that selected artwork may be published and promoted. Promotions are not limited to that which is detailed within this document. Chosen submissions will become the property of the NDDC and the City of Northfield.

Deadline for Submissions: June 7, 2019 PARC judging of submissions June 14, 2019 Banner manufacture completed, dedication event September 2019

Entries should be submitted by email to [email protected]

QUESTIONS? Email questions to City Arts Liaison Teresa Jensen, [email protected] or call 507-645-1801

Opportunity Opens

Tuesday, May 28th 2019

Opportunity Closes

Friday, Jun 7th 2019, 11:45pm

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