Open Call for Residencies


Blueproject Foundation (Barcelona, Spain)

The BLUEPROJECT FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization based in Barcelona whose main aim is to support and promote national and international artistic creation. This support is offered through a residency programme for exhibitions and performances that provides assistance for artists to promote their work that is both relevant to and a reflection of today's aesthetic, social and intellectual issues. The participating artists will be chosen according to the conditions established in this OPEN CALL outlined as follows:


1. Participants
This call is open to any artist interested as an individual or on behalf of a group or company, regardless their age, nationality or creative discipline.

2. Proposals / projects
From the present open call, it will be chosen 3 projects of exhibition as a final result (with a maximum of eight weeks) and 3 projects of performance (for at least one public presentation). Priority will be given to new and original projects.

Each participant can submit a maximum of one individual proposal and one collective. The production support and the residency must allow the conception, formalization, production and/or completion of the proposed project, using the facilities of the workshop if needed, with the objective of its following exhibition / presentation at the Sala Project for exhibition projects and at the Off Blue space for performance projects.

Submitted projects may include any artistic-cultural field of any discipline, regardless the format or technique employed.

Each project must be developed or completed in a period of residency of maximum of six weeks previous to its presentation / exhibition, at the usual open hours of the foundation (from Tuesday to Friday, from 10 am to 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, from noon to 7 pm). The period of residency for performance projects may be flexible and to be agreed according its work plan and the foundation calendar.

3. Presentation of the applications
Applications must be submitted using the application form at the foundation's website, before midnight (Spanish time) of July 28, 2019. In order to the submission be valid, the applicant must fill in all fields of the form and attach the documentation required, which includes:

A) Project description: It must be a SINGLE document summarizing the project. It must be written in English, Spanish or Catalan and be sent in PDF format (10 MB max). The document must include the following information:

  • Description of the proposed project: a conceptual, technical and production description of the project (maximum 1,000 words). The project can’t be modified once accepted.
  • Non-binding schedule or estimated working plan, indicating any preferences regarding the time needed for the project's development and preference of residency period.
  • Visual documentation of the proposal (images, video, sketches, models, spatial designs, etc.)
  • Technical needs and duration in the case of performances (if the project is not completed, needs and estimated duration)
  • Any other information needed to fully understand the project (project images or past works, links to videos of other works, etc.)
  • Explanation of any other support, grants or institutions involved in the project, if any.
  • Brief biography and curriculum of the artist, collective or company.

B) Budget of the project: Total estimated budget, itemized by the different concepts and their economic values, in order to clearly evaluate the economic dimension of the project. The artist's fees (and other collaborators, performers, etc.) should be considered in the total budget.

4. Calendar and schedule
This call for artists opens on May 28, 2019, and closes on July 28, 2019, at midnight, Spanish time. No applications will be accepted after the deadline.

The projects will be presented at the Sala Project in the period between January and September 2020, and the projects of performance, at Off Blue space, can be programmed throughout the entire year of 2020.

5. Projects selection
The selection of projects will be carried out by the foundation's team, Renato Della Poeta, Pedro Torres and Cristina López. For the selection of performance projects, a professional in this field will comprise the jury as well.

The foundation may request from the artists documentation or clarifications at any time during the selection process, as well as telephone, online or face-to-face interview that will allow a better understanding of the selected project and the artist's work.

The decision of the jury will be unappealable and the foundation reserves the right to decide before any eventuality not provided in these terms.

The selection criteria will be: the quality of the artistic projects, budget viability in accordance with these terms and with each project, the adequacy of the proposal to the Sala Project or Off Blue and the artist's career.

The final decision of the jury will be communicated to participants and to the general public on September 26, 2019, through the foundation's official website and social media. The foundation will not communicate the results for the call individually nor confirm the receipt of projects.

The foundation and/or jury reserve the right to declare the call total or partially void and open another submission period.

Once the winners are announced, a document will be drawn up outlining the responsibilities and contributions of each part, as well as the timeframe for the proposals' completion and presentation and the resources needed for their correct development.

6. Contribution of the Blueproject Foundation The foundation commits to providing a range of materials and human resources for the proper development of the projects:

  • Use of the entire workshop space for a maximum period of six weeks (for each project) to develop the selected project. The use of this space includes free Wi-Fi, basic cleaning of the space and the tools and resources at the foundation's disposal.
  • Calendar of projects:
    • Exhibition format: the project will be scheduled at the Sala Project calendar between January and September of 2020, with a maximum duration of eight weeks for show.
    • Performance: the presentation of the project will be scheduled at the Off Blue space during 2020, with at least one public presentation. The specific dates will be agreed with the winning artists in each case.
  • Economic contribution of a TOTAL of 15,000 euros (all taxes included) to be shared among the three winning projects for exhibition, and economic contribution of a TOTAL of 6,000 euros (all taxes included) to be shared among the three winning projects of performance. The amount assigned is to cover the project costs or any other expenses directly related to it (installing, exhibition operation, flights, accommodation and expenses in case of Barcelona non-resident artists, etc.) or to the proper functioning of this open call.
  • Contribution to the optimal development of the projects through the provision of any information and resources possible within the budgetary and staffing constraints of the Blueproject Foundation. Communication and promotion of the proposal as well as its exhibition using all possible resources through the foundation's media channels (press, web, social media, etc)

7. Selected artists' commitment
The submission of an application to this call implies the acceptance of the conditions established therein and the express acceptance of a series of obligations:

  • Artists allow their name to be mentioned, as well as graphic/visual reproduction of their work for any kind of promotion or publication that the Blueproject Foundation considers appropriate.
  • The selected project must be carried out within the budget and timeframe agreed within the residency programme framework.
  • The chosen artists agree to make good use of the facilities and equipment provided to develop their proposals.
  • The approved budget must include the costs of setting up and dismantling the exhibition/project. The foundation does not have any installing personnel or specialized equipment. However, it can be commissioned to external staff and technicians, whose fees must be included in the project budget.
  • The Off Blue space has a basic audio and lighting systems. The resources for a more complex stage setup must be considered in the technical project of the proposal and assumed within the budget.
  • The spaces can be adapted (wall painting, construction of furniture, etc.) according to their possibilities, the budget of the project (which has to consider the reconditioning of the space to its original state) and with the permission of the foundation.

8. Acceptance of the terms
Submitting artists accept all the items outlined in these terms and conditions and commit to signing a Collaboration Agreement with the Foundation that outlines all the provisions in relation to the collaboration between both parties.

  • Once the project is over, for those projects with resulting artworks, the artist must choose between these two options:
    • Donation of one of the produced works to the Blueproject Foundation's collection.
    • If the artist sales the works, 30% of the final price (until a maximum that can’t exceed the production costs of the project) will go to the Blueproject Foundation.
  • Once the period of presentation/exhibition is finished, the artists commit themselves to retake their works and materials within a period of 3 months. Otherwise, the Blueproject Foundation will not be responsible for the works and materials stored in the foundation.

Opportunity Opens

Monday, Jul 15th 2019

Opportunity Closes

Sunday, Jul 28th 2019, 11:45pm

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