RFQ: Public Art for Bridgewater Bank Plaza


Public Art Opportunity Request for Qualifications


Bridgewater Bank has contracted with Forecast Public Art to facilitate a call for an artist/team to design and create a public artwork in a new plaza outside of the new Bridgewater Corporate Center in St. Louis Park. Artists are hereby invited to submit qualifications to be considered to participate in the design phase for the public art opportunity described below.

About Bridgewater Bank & The Site

Bridgewater Bank is a leading Minnesota bank focused on meeting the unique needs of successful individuals and entrepreneurs. Bridgewater Bank is a top-performing bank nationwide, attracting investments from top institutional firms from coast to coast, the first Minnesota bank to complete a successful IPO in over 25 years. Bridgewater Bank has an award-winning culture and reputation as a bank that understands clients’ unique needs. Out of the 400+ banks in Minnesota today, Bridgewater sits among the top ten by asset size. Bridgewater Bank prides itself on a vision to see banking differently. In everything they do, they aim to challenge the status quo. Bridgewater Bank believes banking doesn’t have to be conventional.

Bridgewater Bank broke ground on its new St. Louis Park 84,000-square-foot headquarters in August 2018, as part of a planned expansion into the community beyond their existing branch located at 4400 Excelsior Boulevard. The new site, The Bridgewater Corporate Center, along Excelsior Boulevard and Monterey Drive is a four-story building which includes a bank branch, restaurant, and fitness center on the first floor, the bank’s corporate headquarters on the second and third floors and commercial office space on the top floor.

The building itself will provide connections for people through a breezeway and outdoor public space. Pedestrians and bicyclists will be able to pass under the building in an area in which the top three floors will be cantilevered over an outdoor walkway. Building amenities include a plaza at the corner of Excelsior Boulevard and Monterey Drive with outdoor seating, space for public art and landscaping.Three levels of structured parking adjacent to the building will ensure ease of access to the facility.

Bridgewater Bank would like to use this public art initiative to reflect the values on which it is based, and honor the St. Louis Park community where their headquarters will call home for many years to come.

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Artists or Artist Teams are hereby invited to submit qualifications to be considered to participate in the design phase for the public art opportunity described below.

Public Art Opportunity Request for Qualifications

The Bridge water Bank Selection Committee will review eligible applications and select a group of up to three finalists/finalist teams for an in-person interview. Each artist/team will receive a stipend to cover fees associated with design. Upon completion of an in-person interview, one artist/artist team will be commissioned to develop, fabricate, and install a permanent artwork. Additional requirements will be outlined in instructions to finalists.

Project Information

The priority site for art at the Bridgewater Corporate Center is the highly visible, public plaza area at the corner of Excelsior Boulevard and Monterey Drive. This space offers an excellent opportunity to add a meaningful and aesthetically interesting focal point to the plaza and to the city of St. Louis Park. A successful public artwork for this site would include (but is not limited to) consideration of location specificity and the key values of Bridgewater Bank. Bridgewater Bank’s values as translated to an aesthetic quality are: dynamic, bold, unconventional and innovative. A successful public artwork for this site would be inviting, reward viewers from multiple vantage points.

The site is welcoming to pedestrians and overall project is an exciting development for the area. The location is a busy intersection, residents of condo buildings, apartment buildings and traditional neighborhood and shoppers of the adjacent Trader Joe’s all walk, drive and bike through and near it. It connects to the bike trails and eventual SWLRT.

Bridgewater Bank views this public art commission and public plaza as a positive addition to the city and intends for the artwork to reflect their passion and commitment to the surrounding St. Louis Park community. There is opportunity for the selected artist/team to work with the landscape designer to incorporate the public artwork with landscape planning and seating features. The end result should generate civic pride and create an inviting plaza for Bridgewater employees, building tenants and the neighborhood.


  • July 8, 2019 | RFQ announced
  • August 12, 2019 | Deadline for RFQ submission;
  • August 19, 2019 | Committee review and selection of finalists
  • Week of September 23, 2019 | In person design presentation
  • End of September, 2019 | Announcement of selected artist
  • Early November, 2019 | Design development phase complete
  • Summer 2020 | Project completion


The budget for the project is $60,000. This do-not-exceed amount must include all fees, materials, transportation, installation, permits, storage, insurance, community engagement activities, and any other costs associated with the project. Total expenses cannot exceed this amount. More information about the site will be made available to the selected artist[s].

Selection Criteria

Phase 1 | Selection of artist/designers will be based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of letter and approach to the project.
  • Quality of work samples.
  • Ability of artist/team to successfully complete projects based on bio and/or prior work experience and/or team make up.

Phase 2 | Design concepts must meet the following criteria:

  • Design concepts are engaging, interactive in some way, and evoke curiosity of passers-by either through color, light, material, innovation, or other considerations.
  • Artworks consider the specificity of location in St. Louis Park, as well as the bold, innovative, and unconventional culture and identity of Bridgewater Bank in some way.
  • Artworks are considerate of all seasons in MN, are considered safe and low maintenance, and consider lighting.
  • Artwork is high impact and conveys artistic excellence and innovation.
  • Art should be welcoming, accessible and appropriate to the site.


  • Applicants must be experienced visual artists or artist- led teams residing in the state of Minnesota.
  • Applicant or Applicant Team must demonstrate ability to execute a public art project of this scale and budget.

We are committed to a policy of providing opportunities to people regardless of economic or social status and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, veteran status, or physical ability.

Selection Process Overview

The Bridgewater Bank Selection Committee will review applications and select artists or teams to participate in an in-person interview and present a design concept. Each artist/team will be paid a stipend to prepare design concepts. Deliverables include graphic depictions of the proposed artwork and a brief narrative description. Artists/teams will have approximately 5 weeks to prepare preliminary concepts, including the presentations.

Submission Info

Required Submission Materials:

(in digital format only) Please provide the following information in 12-point font, in a single pdf document:

  • Contact information for lead artist and all team members
  • Three references (contact information only) for recently completed projects
  • One-page letter describing interest in project and approach to design; please include statement addressing eligibility criteria
  • One-page document listing each work sample; please provide a brief description and budget for each
  • One-page biographical information or résumé; if you have multiple team members, please keep biographical information for each team member to one paragraph
  • Work samples

Work Samples:

Up to 10 digital images of your recent projects (each image file should not exceed 1 MB).

Individuals and teams are limited to 10 images maximum. Save all images as standard JPEG and label each with applicant’s full name and number in sequence with list of work samples.

RFQ materials via email to:

[email protected] with the subject line: “Bridgewater Bank RFQ Submission”.

All materials must be received by 4 p.m. on August 12, 2019. No RFQs will be accepted after this time.

Applicants will recieve confirmation of submission. NOTE: Do not submit a proposal for artworks at this time.

Submit all questions to: Tricia Heuring [email protected] by July 20, 2019.

Opportunity Opens

Thursday, Jul 11th 2019

Opportunity Closes

Monday, Aug 12th 2019, 4:00pm

Application Location

MN Artists