RFQ: Seed Poster for North Circle Seeds


North Circle Seeds

North Circle Seeds is seeking an artist to highlight about 15 or so varieties of their seeds with a fresh take on a seed catalog--a seed poster!


Seeking an artist who can sketch/draw/paint vegetables.

About the project:

Something like this with the variety names written under the varieties, or connected in a way very similar to the logos I have but not in a wreath, just all over the place on a poster. We imagine the color taking over the whole page, with the North Circle Seeds logo at the top. So if we had a few of the tomatoes together in a bundle, the names would appear underneath each variety: Red Barn, Peron Sprayless. Same with corn - pink popcorn, orange corn, blue corn...

Once we have settled on an artist, we will send you all of the logo files and to give you a sense of our brand style.

We want to be sure to include  something like "you can order these varieties and more at www.northcircleseeds.com" because this something we’ll do every year for highlighted varieties. The key here is having the poster done so well that someone would want to put this up on their wall (that's the point of it) as well as to save money on a catalog which will be expensive once we get a lot of varieties.

We would like to highlight the following varieties, but if you feel it would be easier highlighting less, we can discuss that as well. A detailed drawing would be good regardless to show a little bit of detail about these varieties (the red corn looks dented etc.)

  • Butternut squash
  • Corns - red, blue, orange, pink popcorn
  • Hemp seeds: (high in CBD) (just one variety) - no name yet.
  • Early scarlet horn carrot
  • Arikara sunflower
  • Tomatoes - Kathy’s red barn, person spray less, San Marzano, Punta Banda
  • African Eggplant
  • Arikara Yellow Bean
  • King of the North Circle Red Pepper


Up to $500

Deadline to submit/timeline of project:

We would like to finalize the seed poster by mid-November, and hope to identify an artist by October 31st, but are happy to start earlier.

To apply:

If interested, please reach out to Zach at [email protected] with the subject line “MN Artists Seed Poster”. Please include a sample of your work in the email.


About North Circle Seeds:

North Circle Seeds is a new Minnesota-grown seed collective! We are committed to creating an ecologically diverse, equitable, and inclusive food system. We do this through an intentional relationship with our seeds and our circle of Midwestern growers, who produce regionally adapted seed using chemical-free, sustainable and organic practices. We’re about to launch our first year of seed sales and want to start off with a splash! That means a non-traditional take on a seed catalog. We’ll be featuring our seed varieties through a seed poster, and would love to have a local artist help us.


Opportunity Opens

Wednesday, Oct 23rd 2019

Opportunity Closes

Thursday, Oct 31st 2019, 11:45pm

Application Location

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