Rootstock 20: An Open Call for Dance Makers


The Croft Residency (Horton Bay, MI)

Residency Description

Work Spaces

  • The property is a site specific playground
    • Artists are free to dance in the environment as long as they respect nature
  • The Crojik
    • A 52’ x 44’ Dance deck
      • The deck has a shade space under the south side
      • The deck will not have any power
      • A Bluetooth speaker will be provided for the artists audio needs

Residency Requirements

  • To collectively decide a way to give a gift to the land everyday
  • To leave a gift for the next visitor or artist to inhabit the space 
  • To engage with the public through either an informal showing or workshop

Stipend Details

  • Each of the resident artists (with a maximum of 4 artists) will receive a $500.00 stipend during the residency
    • Due to Budgetary constraints this stipend is the same regardless of residency length
    • The minimum residency length is a week
    • The maximum length is 2.5 weeks

Travel Details

  • The Croft will reimburse each artist for their travel purchases up to $450.00*
    • The airport to travel into in TVC Cherry Capital Airport. 
      • We will pick up and drop off the artists at the airport.

*This amount will be negotiated with each artist. It covers either flight costs or mileage reimbursement for vehicles.

For more detailed information regarding the residency click here: Residency Details

Our Rootstock season consists of 5 residency slots/scions. We have three residency slots available for Rootstock 20. Two of the slots are already taken by artists that negotiated residencies prior to our development of the open call. The open call will close on December 15th.

Opportunity Opens

Wednesday, Nov 27th 2019

Opportunity Closes

Sunday, Dec 15th 2019, 11:45pm

Application Location

MN Artists