Stonecreek Farm Artist Residency for Artists Working with Nature


Stonecreek Farm (Hudson Valley, NY)

Art In and About Nature

Program Overview

The Stonecreek Artist in Residency program is a privately funded opportunity to support established or emerging artists who are working with nature as a theme or inspiration. We are looking for artists in any medium that will directly utilize the time to be in nature and use the environment at Stonecreek - rocks, trees, plants, water, earth and the forest.

Stonecreek Farm is a 40 acre property that is immersed in the forest and hills of the Hudson Valley of New York State. The property is located adjacent to Sterling National Forest and Harriman State Park and an hour away from New York City by car or train. The residency is a 2–3 week program for the artist to live and work without interruption on the Stonecreek property. The studio and residency is inside a barn with a modern kitchen, bath, living room/bedroom.

This program is unique in the fact that is for one single artist at a time to come and live on the property and have a continuous relationship with art as it develops in and from the experience. 

Artist Statement from Marcus Payzant

The Stonecreek Farm Artist Residency was an opportunity to truly disconnect and focus on my work in a new way. My work is generally inspired by nature so I thought this would be a great residency to generate many ideas for future pieces and give me time to focus for a couple of weeks. I quickly realized that the location and solitude allowed me to concentrate but was also challenging because it was very different than my lifestyle in Boston. The biggest distractions were wild turkeys and a family of deer that wandered by the studio multiple times each day. These welcomed “distractions” created natural breaks in my process and replaced the smart phone breaks and emails I was accustomed to. Instead of turning to technology, I would explore the miles of trails around the property or challenge myself to make quicker decisions with my artwork. Ultimately, I was forced to live with and resolve my work in unexpected ways that have continued to help me in my technical approach to making but also in my general work habits.

Who Should Apply?

We encourage graduate students, faculty or alumni from schools around the globe – keeping in mind visa and transportation status should be cleared through your academic organization.

Working artists are encouraged to use the residency to generate inspiration, create or develop new ideas or may have a specific project or show in mind.

Application and Selection Process

Applications will be juried by a panel of art professionals. There may be follow-up questions about your application and we will contact you with those. Artists for the Fall residency can apply by August 6, Spring by November 15 and Summer by March 30. Notifications will be sent to applicants 3 weeks after these dates.

Requirements - The main requirement is that you are already exploring ideas in nature and/or using natural elements in your work. The main objective of this residency is to be immerse in nature and use this experience however it progresses. We also ask that you propose, in a statement, how you plan to structure your time i.e. sketch, hike, gather, paint, build so that we may accommodate these if possible. We look forward to viewing your work in links and attachments – 3 only please.

Details and Resources - The program is privately funded and will be free of charge, offering the artist in residence with a stipend of $250.00 for food and materials. Many supplies and materials are available in the studio and on the grounds.

Submit Application

Submit all applications with the following information via email.

  • Cover message – We appreciate your story and need to know why this opportunity fits with the goals of your current work or your search for inspiration, solitude, focus, etc…
  • Curriculum vitae – When/Where did you study, show or experiment with your medium?
  • What do you want to work on or with specifically? (materials, technique, sketches…) during the time allotted for the residency?
  • Link to a website or exhibit
  • 6 images

We are sorry that we are not able to answer any questions until after the application process.


Opportunity Opens

Friday, Jun 28th 2019

Opportunity Closes

Tuesday, Aug 6th 2019, 11:45pm

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