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  • Chelsea Reeck updated the Artwork Conversations
    On January 28th 2013, I got engaged to a man who, for the last ten years has been my best friend and world. That was the night I stopped sleeping. So much of the last two years has been spent in pursuit of absolution. In my search I found no relief in chasing highs, confessing my secrets to strangers, or in other peoples’ sheets. The series “Conversations with Myself” is a collection of composite digital self portraits creating a scene that depicts my internal struggle over what I have don…
  • Chelsea Reeck updated the Artwork House Hunting #1
    Through my lens I am documenting suburban homes at night, in attempt to scratch the surface of the psychology of home. I use the house as the focal point yet the interesting aspect for me are the shadows created on and around the structure ­ I am using the house as a ‘canvas’ for the shadows. I take careful observation in the choosing of the house, color of the sky intermingling with the color of the house and lights from within the house. This leaves the air looking charged and dramati…