Block print
12 x 16
#acrylic #mixedmedia
24 x 24


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  • Painted on masonite with acrylic, gold leaf and the larger house is a heavy Rives paper that I cut from a drawing that I didn't like. So officially a mixed media piece. My thoughts behind it are how landscape paintings of the early 19th c, depicted the serene beauty of their environment. Now with our continuation of building and building, the rural areas that I once knew are also being developed. Thus, the layers upon layers. The original painting I started with and is underneath all this ha…
  • Dawn Rossbach updated the Artwork Coming and Going
  • This is for a portfolio exhange that will be sent to the University of Colorado, Denver. It is an 8 x 10 block print cut from cherry wood and printed on 8 x 11 Torinoko Washi lightweight paper with an traditional black ink. The print exchange involves several printmakers from around the country who are creating images that represent birds and critters from their state.