Porcelain with custom color ceramic decals and gold luster
17 x 19” and 17 x 21”
ceramic, Metal, and glass pitchers; wood; paint; plastic; water
Dimensions Variable
100 Cups, 100 Dishes, Degustations
Dimensions Variable
Porcelain and stoneware dishes, cookies, paint, cupboards, mirror, tape, pens, jars, carbon paper forms
Dimenstions Variable
Porcelain, mirror, paper and dispenser, marker
Dimensions Variable
Porcelain, metal mesh, claw pendant, metal and leather buttons, marble cube, condom, lion souvenir, bike valve adapter
7 x 9 x 3.5 and 12 x 11 x 9”
Porcelain and Gold Luster


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  • YOLOCasual is a line of marginally functional works for everyday celebration, irreverence, and glamour. Use implies some risk, the ultimate indulgence.
  • These closed forms have a dual role as sculptures, and as platforms for detritus collected through my life. The metal grid situates ephemeral objects on a linear plane, reiterating the clay process as a malleable substance that is locked in time through a process of risk and choice.  
  • Viewers are asked to dispose of a letter left by the previous writer, then use the paper to address a past, current, or future lover—to thank them or curse them, to apologize, forgive, cherish and regret. The letters showed a gamut of emotions over the course of the exhibition, stockpiled in the trash. The image on this vessel is of me and an ex-lover. The writing and mirror combine elements of privacy and exposure, and the porcelain and paper address permanence and disposability, particularly…