access+ENGAGE Issue 57.1: Art is Where You Find It

Banner artwork: Abigail Woods Anderson, Degrees, letterpress print, 2010. Anderson's prints will be among those on view at +1 Print Invitational at Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis beginning September 10.

Detail from this work cropped and reproduced for access+ENGAGE with permission of the artist

About her work, Anderson writes: "In terms of both process and outcome, I am engrossed with negative space and compelled by iterative design. Initially, I draw the subject merely to eek out a confined space, a shelter against the vast ground of blank paper. My techniques for generating imagery include amassing values, foraging for color harmonies, fusing hues, binding shapes into clusters, accumulating marks, propagating patterns like cultures on a Petri dish. The methodical labor permits the mind to alternate between intense focus and meandering distraction. Visual mantrics imbue the drawing with spirit, equally enthusiastic as it is obsessive."


Abigail Woods AndersonAbout the artist: Abigail Woods Anderson is a Minnesota native who resides and works in the Minneapolis area. She received her BA from St. Olaf College in 1999, where she studied fine art and biology. These studies fostered a synthesis between art-making and the observations explored in laboratory work. An acute interest in the natural world continues to infuse her artistic expressions. Anderson sustains her curiosity in nature and science, which she deems an inexhaustible wealth of observable wonders, evocative symbols, surprising oddities, and ubiquitous beauty.


She values art-centered community involvement, having volunteered with various Minneapolis organizations, including Free Arts and Courage Center. Find out more about her work on or browse through a portfolio on Inquiries about specific pieces may be directed to the artist.

Minuend, letterpress print



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Abigail Woods Anderson is one of 14 artists whose work will be on view in Groveland Gallery's +1 Print Invitational, an exhibition designed to complement the Mid-America Print Council Conference which will be held in Minneapolis October. The exhibition runs from September 10 – October 16; there is an opening reception scheduled September 10, 5 – 8 pm.


Anderson will also show work at the MAPC Regional Press Fair, October 14 at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis, from 5 – 9 pm; and at the MAPC Demo Day at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis, she will demonstrate techniques using scratch negatives and photopolymer plates on the Vandercook #4 (in the basement printing studio) from noon – 4 pm, on October 16.

Credits: All images courtesy of the artist. Bottom right, Minuend, letterpress print.