access+ENGAGE Issue 51.2: Northern Lights

Banner artwork: Kristina Mooney, Grass Will Grow Over Your Cities (series), 6.5"x7. Ink, oil paint, tape and vellum on illustration board.

Cropped and reproduced for access+ENGAGE with permission of the artist


It's just a pontoon, darling

About her work, Mooney says: "I strive for the interests and curiosities in my work to be inseparable from those of my everyday life. I recently traveled to Brazil, following Claude Levi-Strauss' path, to study structural anthropology in the 1930s. Discoveries, conversations, Boy's Life magazines, literature, wonder, and the impulsive need for renewal feed my process. Urban transformation, in conjunction with time, is a common theme throughout my work. I am constantly impressed, challenged, and disturbed by modern day society's dynamic notions of progress. I strive to raise questions regarding the repetition of history, paths of social progress,as well as the impending threats and opportunities of the future."

Mooney is launching a new project with fellow artist/educator Amara Antilla, a discussion series at Art of This in MInneapolis, called RECESS. She says, "RECESS seeks to connect national and local artists with experts in other fields to facilitate cross-disciplinary dialogue and promote creative action and transformation through conversation and learning. How can art enter into unexpected alliances with other fields and themes such as science, agriculture, politics and business? We're hoping to create an open space for conversations that land in the interstices between established disciplines. This summer's project brings artists and non-artists together in a collaborative, learning environment to share ideas, thoughts and dreams. Each seminar will be a casual, spontaneous exchange that might include a brief presentation of images, text or questions by three to four panelists followed by an open discussion."


Kristina Mooney, photo courtesy of the artist

About the artist: Kristina Mooney currently works in the Art department at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. She has also worked in installation and carpentry and the Walker Art Center, drafting for the Sol LeWitt Retrospective at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, and tutoring English at El Centro de Salud in Minneapolis. Mooney graduated from the College of Visual Arts in 2008 and lives in Minneapolis. She contributes to the arts blog Meat Market; you can see more of the artist's work on her website and

Related events:

The first RECESS discussion will be held in mid-May at Art of This, Minneapolis. Kristina Mooney and Amara Antilla will talk with artists David Horvitz and Mylinh Trieu Nguyen about the intriguing "participatory poster project" and photography exhibition, Scattered Light.




Image credits: Middle right, It's Just a Pontoon, Darling, found paper, photographs, photocopies, pen and ink on paper, 2010. Photo courtesy of the artist.