bisque fired clay
5" x 7"
Charcoal on arches
66" x 30"
Charcoal on arches
67" x 30"
Graphite on Paper
8" x 10"
sepia ink and watercolor on watercolor paper
8" x 10"


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  • Emily Isenberg updated the Artwork Tzedakah Box
    This piece was created for the exhibit: Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof*: The Art of Giving (*Righteousness, righteousness you shall pursue) at The Tychman Shapiro Gallery. The exhibit was planned in conjunction with a tzedakah box commissioned in memory of David Tychman wheree artists were invited to create there own tzedakah box. Following the exhibit, each tzedakah box was donated to an organization of the artists choice. At the time of the exhibit, I worked as a teaching artist at Silverwood P…
  • These seven illustrations were created for the 2013-2014 COMPAS Anthology of Student Writing, Punch at the Wild Tornado. Each drawing is named after a section title from the book. To find out more about the annual publication and selected works from the COMPAS Arts Education Program, visit 
  • This series of illustrations were created for the book, Better than Breakfast written by Jaclyn Rainey in July 2015.
  • In these works I explore the complex structure of the human body. I am drawn to the mechanics, elegance, and character of the subject, looking to express its physical presence and to capture its essence at that particular moment in time.  Through exposing the intricacy of the human form, concealing details while revealing others, I continue to study the tenuous relationship between spirit and substance.
  • Emily Isenberg updated the Artwork Dina
    I was inspired by stories from the book, “Women of the Hebrew Bible” by Miki Raver, and later by various statues of antiquity, as well as statues from the Cloisters of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.   Each image portrays an ancient story of a specific woman of the Torah.  The poses relate to their ancient tales of spirituality, power, sexuality, daring acts and tragedies.   
  • Emily Isenberg updated the Artwork Kyle