mixed media, plaster, silicone, paper, Wood
125.5 x 90
mixed media, Ink, paper
Mulisensory Installation


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  • Various intaglio prints from 2013-2014
  • Artist Statement Sitting in the Kitchen, Feeling Dumb   My first year at Gustavus was accompanied by a familiar feeling of unbelonging that has followed me most of my life. I questioned why I was here and how I had gotten to this place. Around this time last year, however, I experienced a substantial paradigm shift that caused me to question why I do not leave. This piece provides a collection of memories and beliefs that influenced my decision to come to Gustavus and serves as an analysis of w…
  • Various intaglio prints from 2013-2014
  • The mission of St. Croix Lutheran Grades 6-12 is to educate the total student spiritually, intellectually, and physically in a caring, Christian family community.The student residence program is an integral part of the SCL community as it has served as home for students from six continents since first opening in 1995. It is through this residence community that SCL has been able to extend its outreach throughout the world and impact the lives of many more students with the love of Christ. This s…