Minneapolis, MN: THE SMITTEN KITTEN, a progressive, multiple award-winning adult sex toy boutique, will host “SELECTIONS FROM ANA VOOG’S ANACAM,” a fine art photography installation featuring the work of the internationally celebrated Minneapolis native ANA VOOG. The opening reception is March 11, 2011 from 6 p.m.-9 p.m.
Ana Voog is an award winning musician, writer, visual and performance artist, photographer, freeform crochet hat designer, and a web pioneer who garnered international acclaim with, “anacam,” the longest running 24 hour conceptual art webcam project in history, which began on August 22, 1997.
Ms. Voog afforded her cyber audience visual access to her intriguing home life via “anacam.” This ranged from performing mundane daily activities, to surreal staged plays with wild costumery and props, to sexual experiences―including the conception and birth of her first child.
“anacam” achieved over ten million daily viewers at one time and is credited as the inspiration for "Robot Wisdom", the internet’s first weblog. Ana states, “The software that existed at that time to keep count of daily hits for anacam.com simply failed once it reached ten million and there was no way of knowing how many viewers there were, only that it topped ten million.”
With “anacam,” Ms. Voog destroyed gender stereotypes from the inside out. She defines the varied perceptions of “anacam” as a reflection of the viewer’s own perception. Ana sees her role as an artist similar to that of a Heyoka, a sacred clown and healer from Lakota folklore who holds a mirror to conventionality, projecting a reversed view. Ana’s own delicate, pixie-like appearance contrasted with her extreme behavior is another blank pallet on which her audience projects its own interpretations.
For “SELECTIONS FROM ANA VOOG’S ANACAM”, Ms. Voog will present a special selection of images cultivated from tens of thousands in her anacam digital archive. These images will be presented in vertical sequences and available for purchase exclusively at The Smitten Kitten. This is a free event that is open to the public during regular store hours as noted below. The show will close on Saturday, Aoril 16th 2011.
Ms. Voog's art installations have been featured at New York’s MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, THE WEISMAN ART MUSEUM, and THE WALKER ART CENTER. Her television appearances include HARDCOPY, VIBE, A&E, NET CAFE, and E!. She has been profiled in USA TODAY, NEWSWEEK, THE BOSTON GLOBE, THE NEW YORK POST, PLAYBOY and the German publication DER SPEIGEL.
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