Magic Fingers:  Finger-Controlled Techniques for Any Loom with Jane Patrick
Finger-controlled techniques allow complete weaving freedom, since they
can be added anywhere, anytime, to almost any cloth. Need a little
accent along the hemline? Add a row of leno or Brook’s bouquet. Need a
little color accent? Then a row or two or soumak might be just the
thing. Then too, you can create complete, unique fabrics by using Danish
medallions or Spanish lace which no machine could ever, ever duplicate.
Now that slow weaving is in, it’s time to learn the joy of the hand
weaves, whether you have a frame, rigid heddle or multishaft loom. We’ll
spend the day learning as many techniques and variations of these
techniques as time allows. From leno to Brook’s bouquet to soumak,
explore the vast options available in this hands-on explorations.  Jane
will bring many examples from her new book, “The Weaver’s Idea Book,” as
well as projects and ideas that are sure to inspire.  Whether you are a
novice or seasoned weaver, or whether your looms is s rigid heddle or
multi-shaft floor loom, finger-controlled weaves can take a weaving from
ho-hum to wow! Prerequisite: Students must be able to warp a loom independently and have woven several projects.

Reserve your seat now 1181 Saturday, March 10: 10am – 4pm | Level: Advanced Beginning to Advanced
Tuition: $119/$99 Members (after 2/10/12 Tuition: $134/$114)

Jane Patrick has been in the weaving and textile
arts field for over 30 years.  Between 1981 and 1992, she was an editor
at Interweave Press where she was editor of Handwoven magazine, books,
and the Design Collections.  Jane is a textile enthusiast, with
interests in both contemporary and traditional work.  She enjoys the
design process of bringing an idea to fruition. Her articles and
projects have been published in Handwoven, Spin-off, Craft, Vav
Magazinet and Yarn Market News magazines. She is the author of the
recently published Time to Weave and The Weaver’s Idea Book (Interweave
Press). Jane has lectured and given workshops and classes for weaving
guilds and conferences. She is currently Creative Director for Schacht
Spindle Company.