Announcing Monologue On A Mask
Poets, playwrights and fiction writers are all invited to submit 12 - 16 lines to the Monologue on a Mask Project hosted by Innocent Offerings and Red Bird Chapbooks. Submissions welcomed 6/25 - 7/13. Writers may submit no more than 4 monologues each. 6 - 8 monologues will be selected and printed onto the inside of a domino mask (half face).

Monologues are extended first person statements of intense states of awareness: grief, epiphany, ecstacy, confusion, passion, frustration -- these are some of the possible points of departure. Think of it as a really, really short play.

The Monologue/Mask Project will be published to coincide with the Minnesota Fringe Festival, and will be read and/or distributed free of charge to attendees at selected Fringe Festival events. The goal of the project to celebrate theaterform writing in a portable, accessible, and celebratory manner. As this is the pilot year of the project, distribution specifics will be discussed with the selected writers closer to the Fringe Festival in early August. Monologues will be paired with submitted mask designs using a blind submission process.

NB: Poets: because of spatial constraints, white space design considerations cannot be honored.

E-mail submissions to with the subject Monologue On a Mask