Well we’re not bragging, babe, so don’t put us down, but Salon Saloon has the fastest set of wheels in town. They used to say that what was good for General Motors was good for America, and with that old axiom in mind, we’re going to look at our collective fascination with cars and car culture. A great lineup of knowledgeable guests with valid drivers’ licenses will discuss pickup trucks, hybrids, hot rods, lowriders, minivans, fastbacks, gas guzzlers, love machines, and other various forms of street fury. There goes that kandy-kolored tangerine-flake streamline live-action arts magazine around the bend -- varoooom!

+ Poet and Riot Act Reading Series co-presenter PAUL D. DICKINSON

+ Designer ERIK BRANDT | http://www.typografika.com/

+ More guests to be announced soon!

With the Salon Saloon house band (Katie Condon, Jake Mohan & Claire Tiller) and your host, Andy Sturdevant.


Tickets $6 - $12 pay what you can, and will available online soon! Pre-booking is highly recommended!




Combining the best and worst elements of chat show, variety program and artist talk, Salon Saloon is a live-action arts magazine that invites artists, designers, musicians and creative workers to the stage of the Bryant-Lake Bowl for informal, far-ranging explorations of a specific topic. Each themed program features guests from across the spectrum of the Twin Cities creative community sharing stories, photos, essays, ideas and performances.


Salon Saloon is produced by Andy Sturdevant & Works Progress at Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater.