pixeLoom 201
Now that you have learned the basics of pixeLoom, it is time to expand your knowledge. In this two-session class, we will explore methods for building and working with color palettes, expand your understanding and ability to use profile drafts and block substitution, learn ways to work with weft-faced and double weave, and key in on many other practical tips that facilitate the design process. Participants should bring a laptop computer (Mac or Windows) with pixeLoom software installed. A two-button mouse is also highly recommended. Students will be expected to spend some time practicing their new skills between class sessions. Handout fee T.B.D., payable to the instructor. Prerequisites: pixeLoom 101or with permission from the instructor Level: Advanced Beginning

1316 Tuesdays, November 27 & December 4: 6:00pm-9:00pm | Instructors: Donna Hanson & Sue Fairchild
WGM Tuition: $50 REGISTER | Non-WGM Tuition: $59 REGISTER