Continuing Navajo
This class is designed to develop your skills in the basic tapestry techniques used in Navajo weaving. If you are working on your first Navajo weaving, this class is a great opportunity to work on an unfinished piece, learn finishing techniques, or practice spinning Navajo warp. More experienced Navajo weavers may practice advanced techniques. Materials that should be brought to class by the student: Navajo loom and tools for weaving (batten, fork, long needles, etc). Students are encouraged to weave between classes and supply their own loom. Prerequisites: Students must have taken at least one Navajo Weaving class Level: Advanced Beginning-Advanced

1319 Wednesdays, November 28 & December 6: 6:00pm – 9:00pm | Instructor: Betty Glynn Carlson
WGM Tuition: $50 REGISTER | Non-WGM Tuition: $59 REGISTER