TuckUnder Projects is very pleased to announce the solo exhibition Practice, featuring the paintings and drawings of Minneapolis visual artist Karen Kasel.

Practice/Karen Kasel opens at TuckUnder Projects, Thursday, October 25, 6-9 pm. The exhibition runs October 25-November 25, 2012, with unstructured hours Wednesday through Sunday, and
by appointment. Please email info@tuckunder.org to confirm open hours. TuckUnder Projects is located at 5120 York Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, USA 55410. For further information visit

American artist Karen Kasel (Born St. Paul,1966) is a Minneapolis-based painter whose artwork wanders between the second dimension and into sculptural and public art forms as needed. Kasel began as a self-taught artist in the early 1990’s, and returned to college in 2001 at the College of Visual Arts, in St.
Paul, to make her title of artist “official.” In 2006 and 2007, Kasel participated in the Art Shanty Projects with her Shanty of Misfit Toys – an artistic shanty with transparent walls filled with colorful stuffed
animals as insulation and decoration.

Ms. Kasel has been active in the Twin Cities arts community for nearly two decades. Her past activities include: working, curating and volunteering at The Soap Factory, and Gallery Manager at the College of Visual Arts. Her art has been exhibited at Intermedia Arts, Katherine Nash Gallery, Mighty Fine Gallery, Paul Whitney Larson Gallery, Phipps Center for the Arts, and the Pink Bicycle Gallery. A 2004 recipient of the Jerome Travel & Study grant, Kasel currently sits on the board of the Art Shanty Projects.

In Practice, Kasel’s current artistic endeavor is to dust off the cobwebs and to find some space. For seven years, the artist’s space (mental and physical) has been filled with little voices, toys, dirt, laughter, screaming, meals, dishes, dust bunnies and joy. The inspiration for her work at TuckUnder comes from both the sky and the landscape as a means to find quiet and openness. After recently reading an article about how it is art’s “job” to hold up a mirror to culture to critique it, Kasel embarked on a walk through the
woods and decided that she did not want that job, if that is indeed what it is. She prefers to investigate the clouds and trees, simply for the beauty of the view.

The abstract works shown at TuckUnder are Karen Kasel’s renewal of her studio practice and ideas she has been playing with for the length of her stay-at-home parenting stint. The drawings are simplified and stark, but alive. The whimsical lines create a subtle landscape as well as an ambiguous space. Created with a wide range of wet and dry media including oil paints, oil sticks, graphite, and color pencils, the works illuminate the coming out process reflecting creative rebirth and domestic rejuvenation.

TuckUnder Projects is a temporary, independent artist exhibition space and sculpture site located within the Fulton neighborhood of Southwest Minneapolis.

TuckUnder Projects is created with the generous help of MRAC, Springboard for the Arts Incubator program, Arvesen Co., Driessen Water, Mayan Co., Northern Sun, Printz, and many individuals.
TuckUnder Projects activity is funded, in part, by a Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Community Arts Grant, and by appropriations from the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the State's general fund, and its arts and cultural heritage fund that was created by a vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

For further information please contact Pete Driessen at 612-719-7377 or info@tuckunder.org, or visit Karen
Kasel website: http://www.mnartists.org/Karen_Kasel.