The Walker Art Center and are pleased to welcome the return of Artist-designed Mini Golf in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Summer 2013!

Find our full call for proposals below and attend our info session on NOVEMBER 8 to answer any questions you might have about crafting your proposal and the submission process. We will be joined by mini golf experts Tom Loftus and Robin Schwartzman, who have been charting successful and not-so-successful holes nationally through their blog:

The Walker Art Center announces a Call for Proposals

DESCRIPTION: Art and architecture merge with miniature golf in this open call for designers to create holes for the Walker Art Center’s third installment of Artist-Designed Mini Golf. The Walker will again collaborate with to create a nine-hole miniature golf course open to the public all summer, from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend. Artist Designed Mini-Golf will be a major component of Minneapolis Sculpture Garden 25th anniversary programming throughout the summer of 2013.

ELIGIBILITY: Individuals submitting Mini Golf-hole designs for consideration must be based in Minnesota and registered with; entrants may include artists, architects, engineers, landscape architects, furniture designers, etc.

SUBMISSIONS: Will be accepted from either individual artists or teams. Collaborations are encouraged. Individuals or teams may submit more than one entry, but each design proposal requires a separate submission.

THEME: In honor of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Anniversary the theme of this edition of mini-golf is “garden”. Submissions are encouraged to be creative and incorporate the theme in any manner appropriate for their proposal.

SELECTION PROCESS: Proposals will be selected for inclusion in this year’s Mini Golf course in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden by a team of Walker curators and programmers based upon the following criteria:

Concept: This includes originality of the design and relationship to the “garden”theme.

Playability: Each proposal will be evaluated for appropriate balance between challenge and fun for players.

Safety: Each hole must be safe for play by all ages and not present any hazards that could harm public participants at every level of ability.

Durability: We expect over 50,000 players to visit our Mini Golf course over the summer, so each hole must be built to handle a large volume of traffic without the need for constant upkeep and maintenance.

Feasibility: Proposals will be evaluated on the perceived feasibility of its design for real-world construction and use. Any Mini Golf holes that are out of scope or which present unrealistic expectations and challenges by way of execution will not be selected.

Selected entries will receive a $3500 stipend as compensation for artists’ time and materials.

BUILDING SPECIFICATIONS: Each hole is expected to withstand direct exposure to the elements as well as an enthusiastic, club-wielding public of all ages. Any materials, structures, or components deemed hazardous or too fragile will be rejected. The minimum size for each hole should be 10’ x10’. Proposed hole designs may be larger, but please do keep budget and feasibility in mind. Holes may be proposed for specific areas of the site, taking advantage of topographical elements on location in the sculpture garden in their design.

All materials for each accepted Mini Golf hole design will be purchased by the artist from the stipend provided.

We will be working closely with selected artists and designers throughout the process of construction and installation of each hole on the Mini Golf course – Walker Art Center staff will be involved in all aspects of course design and construction to produce the best possible results and to maximize resources. This may include studio visits and occasional meetings with artists to gauge progress and address any potential issues as they arise. The Walker crew is also available to assist in any fabrication questions and issues regarding the installation site. Once the course is in place, the Walker’s design department will create signage and flags to unify the public’s playing experience.

INSTALLATION: The Walker crew will assist in the installation of the holes and be available for consultation about technical questions and concerns throughout the process. There is a small budget, if needed, to assist in installation at the Walker site.

ENTRY PROCESS: Individual artists or design teams may submit their design proposals online at; there you’ll also find a map of the Mini Golf course site and full guidelines for submissions. Applications will only be accepted online.

INFO SESSION: An information session will be held for those interested in learning more about the project, constructing a proposal, and who have other considerations or questions about this year’s Artist-Designed Mini Golf program. This information session is highly recommended for anyone considering submitting a proposal, and it will take place at the Walker Art Center, in the Lecture Room, on Thursday, November 8 at 7pm.

November 30 Proposals Due
December 2012 Winning entries selected
January 2013 Working drawings due
March/April 2013 Construction check-in
May 2013 Installation
June 2013 Play golf!
September 2013 Course dismantled

Any questions regarding this call for entries should be directed to Scott Stulen or 612-375-7616