North Shore is a unique exhibition of paintings and prints by Groveland Gallery artists William Murray, Anne DeCoster, Dani Roach, Carl Oltvedt and Clara Ueland. The exhibition will also feature work by guest artists Christopher Copeland and James Boyd Brent. With a variety of styles, materials and perspectives, each of these artists interprets our iconic North Shore landscape.

The images in this show investigate an ever-popular part of Minnesota where the forested wilderness of the northeast intersects with the pristine, stark, enormity of Lake Superior. William Murray’s oil and wax paintings capture the density of North Shore pines layered among the forest’s bubbling creeks, while printmaker Clara Ueland’s contemplative and crisp waterscapes reveal the rocky shoreline and seemingly endless horizon line of the lake. St. Paul painter Anne DeCoster, who attends an artist’s residency on the North Shore every summer, captures the natural patterns, textures and light variations of the landscape, particularly the dynamic palette of the lake’s bright, blue water set against the shore’s pinky, red plates of rock. Carl Oltvedt’s paintings take a more intimate view of the forested trails near the lake, where water and rocks meet: water falls edged by sheer cliffs and clear, rushing streams roiling over boulders as they reach the lake. Dani Roach’s watercolors place the viewer along the shore of Lake Superior, where numerous tourist overlooks and picnic sites line Highway 61, their narrow, grassy ledges and rocky beaches scattered with driftwood.

Guest artists Christopher Copeland and James Boyd Brent bring additional perspectives to the North Shore theme. Copeland’s plein air landscapes of the Grand Marais shoreline explore the effects of an ever-changing weather pattern on the lakeshore. The lake sparkles and gently rolls under a midday sun, while the same scene becomes a different world on a foggy morning: the horizon disappears and the gray sky melts into gray water. James Boyd Brent’s fanciful watercolors of Split Rock in summer are painted with fluid, sweeping brushstrokes and a bright palette. These lively paintings suggest the underlying energy present in this unique and ancient landscape.

The artists will be present at the opening reception on Saturday, January 26 from 2 to 5 p.m. This exhibition runs concurrently with From the Middle of the Floor, an exhibition of new paintings by Michael Paul in the Groveland Annex. Both exhibitions continue through March 9, 2013.