The Ultimate Pajama Party®
A NEW Interactive Show for Women Opens January 17 - Feb 10!

The Ultimate Pajama Party® has been created by Executive Producer, Tammy Hauser in partnership with Jim Sheeley of Broadway Across America. Sandy Hey is serving as creative consultant with script by James Detmar and Dawn Brody and direction by Ross Young. The show will run for four weeks January – Feb. 2013 at The Lab Theater in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis. Then it will move onto licensing, touring, and other commercial ventures.

This phenomenal NEW girls-night-out theater experience blends a show, a party, and a dance into one interactive experience just for women! The Ultimate Pajama Party® features hysterical cast members who are throwing the ULTIMATE Pajama Party for their best friend Lisa. After a bad breakup with Steve, a dead-end job and years spent not pursuing her dreams; Lisa is ready to celebrate new beginnings! Get your girlfriends together, grab your pajamas, and join us for a rockin’ fun time! The newly conceptualized multi-media show celebrates women with a passion for life.

“Moving from the original concept of the PJ Party as a charity event to an interactive theatrical show with partners, investors and sponsors seems like a dream, and sometimes an incredible challenge,” said Tammy Hauser, Executive Producer. “But then, that’s what compels us. Doing something that no one has done before is the fun part. This show experience brings together all the things that I love: theater, parties, dancing, music, food, girlfriends, gay friends, pajamas, and laughter. There is nothing better in life than enjoying happy experiences with the people you love. As you get older and go through a lot of life’s challenges, you have to grab the good times. Playing becomes paramount. This is our gift to women everywhere!” she added.

The highly original production brings legendary local theater producer, Sandy Hey, back to the limelight after retirement. Known for producing the long running hit, Tony n' Tina's Wedding, Smokey Joe’s Café, Beehive, and Forever Plaid, Sandy brings her commercial theater know-how and her passion for life to The Ultimate Pajama Party® team.

“I was pretty happily retired, focusing on my volunteer work in Florida and with Children's Theatre and Jeremiah Program in Minneapolis. When Tammy Hauser and Jim Sheeley with whom I’d worked in the past, approached me with the concept of The Ultimate Pajama Party®, I was intrigued by the CELEBRATION of women moving forward. Why did I say “pretty happily” retired? Because I knew the right project could capture my attention and heart….and this was the one that did.” she added.

General Manager Jim Sheeley is experiencing life on the other side of the aisle as he helps create a show from scratch.

“Having been firmly ensconced in the commercial theatre world for 20 years, I can see that the PJ Party has great theatrical promise as well as commercial opportunity. What’s interesting to me about this project is that it’s principally for women, who are the decision makers when it comes to attending theatre and purchasing tickets. It’s exciting to see how women react when you describe the PJ Party. They love that it’s a celebration of women, for women and by women,” said Jim.

About the Show:
As women arrive in their pajamas, they meet Lisa’s best friends – Dawn (single girl), Kelly (harried mom), Betti (travel buddy), Bonni (college roommate), Janet (career friend) and Douglass, (flight attendant and best gay friend) who keep the party moving along until the BIG reveal... Lisa’s new adventure. Pursuing YOUR dreams and not someone else’s is a strong resonating theme for women in their 30-50’s.

Because much of the show is created on the spot by the cast from stories audience members share; no two shows will ever be the same. It’s the real REALITY Theater!

During the show, ladies enjoy yummy appetizers and desserts from CRAVE, a Dress up Closet designed by California Closets, Photo Bed from Venture Photography, guest local celebrities playing out-of-character roles, pajama party games like the Kar-DASH-ian, a fun race for the designer purse in high heels and padding. Favorite tunes played by live band, Belladiva gets everyone dancing when the disco ball drops and it all is delivered with fun and play in mind. Perfect for girl groups of ANY age.

The Lab Theater
700 North 1st Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Showcase Run:
January 17- February 10, 2013 (16 shows)
Thursday-Sunday Nights (Thursday-Saturday, 7:00PM), (Sunday, 5:00PM)

Tickets- ONLINE
All tickets are General Admission. Seating is first come, first seated. VIP Lounge seating gets escorted by Cabana Boy. Groups of 8 or more get $10 off and reserved seating. Groups: email

$69 Cabaret Seating at low tops with chairs
$99 VIP Luxury Lounge Seating with Cabana Boy Attendant

Charity recipient Jeremiah Program receives 5% of the net ticket proceeds to help women in need move forward with their lives.

Limited Sponsorship and Investment Opportunities remain.

Media inquiries please contact: Deb Balzer, 612.481.1571