NEW Grow Your Own Dye Garden
Natural dyeing lets you harness the power of plants to dye yarns and fibers in a broad range of colors. One of the most attractive aspects of natural dyeing is the connection between the artist’s work and the natural world. In this course we will explore one way to strengthen that connection and better understand our craft by planning our own dye garden. We will discuss common garden plants and flowers, regional native plants, and non-native specialty plants used for dyeing, as well as seed sources and basics of harvesting dye plants. Another important focus of the course will be a discussion of the environmental impact of growing vs. buying natural dyes and growing native and non-native varieties in your garden. Finally, students will plan their own dye garden, factoring in plants needed to obtain desired colors, sunlight and watering requirements, and the Minnesota growing season. Handout fee $10, payable to the instructor. Level: Multi

Monday, February 25: 6pm – 9pm | Instructor: Cassie Warholm-Wohlenhaus