Jul26 to Aug04


7:00 pm


Red Garage Studio

3640 Garfield Ave S

MANUAL TRANSMISSION shifts into Third Gear, with all new 2D and 3D work by Allison Ruby.  

“Entanglements” looks at the layers of connections and networks that we live within and create for ourselves. Potential growth, dormant beauty, and life cycles ever affected by modern human impositions and interventions are the themes of these pieces. Through literal tangles of wires and cords, symbolic knots, simplified plant shapes, and layered patterns, Ruby’s work depicts both the strings that tie us to this world and the knots that hold us back or are even destructive. These interest Ruby not only as symbols but also purely in their aesthetic forms and compositional relationships. Bright, saturated colors can dominate this work and mask what is behind. You will see they are often joyful and playful at first glance, then upon further inspection, layered and unsettling.

7-10 pm

A special TalkingImageConnection event in association with this show will be on Sunday, August 4, at 3:00 pm. TIC hosts curated literary readings of creative writing done in response to contemporary visual arts exhibitions. 

Show runs July 26 – August 4

For full details, including hours and location, go to www.redgaragestudio.com

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