Jun03 to Jun06


9:00 am


Looking for some inspiration? Need a creative refresh? Enjoy meeting interesting & highly talented people? Every June in Minneapolis, the Eyeo Festival brings together a rich intersection of people from around the globe doing fascinating, creative things with technology. Artists, data designers, creative coders, AI explorers, storytellers, technology & platform developers all cross paths and share inspiration at Eyeo.

Join us for 4 days of enthralling talks, unique workshops, a summit, and thought provoking interactions lead by passionate thinkers and makers. 

2019 Speaker Highlights:

Refik Anadol (LA/Istanbul) The video installation artworks he's doing are out of this world in terms of scale and sophistication.

Sara Schnadt (California) is an artist and a mission designer at NASA's jet propulsion lab. Her installation art considers cultural impacts of technology innovation.

We're also bringing in two members of the Santa Fe artist collective Meow Wolf. They do everything, but mainly immersive and interactive installations. 

Artist Stephanie Dinkins (New York) is doing fascinating projects with Artificial Intelligence, race, gender and future histories.

Munich based Mario Klingemann's AI generated art was auctioned of at Sotheby's this year setting a new bar.

Mike Tucker (California) created this amazing VR experience for Sigur Ros - Tonandi.

Things We Talk About:

  • Art / Technology
  • Interactive Art & Architecture
  • Physical Computing / Generative Art
  • Creative Coding / Open Source Tools
  • Data: Visualization, Design, Art
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual + Augmented Reality
  • Experience Design / Storytelling
  • Culture / Privacy / Ethics

What Attendees Say:

• ‘I’ve never been to a conference with such emphasis on the community – such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.’ 
• ‘My first Eyeo and I loved it. It reset my expectations about my field and I’m excited about it in a way I haven’t been before.’ 
• ‘Always top notch. I’ve stopped looking at the lineup before I buy tickets now, I just know it’s going to be excellent.’ 
• ‘Very multidisciplinary–  it was amazing to let my mind wander into new spaces outside of my immediate discipline.’ 
• ‘If you’re trying to find your way in a creative practice that is insistently both-and, in-between, a hybrid endeavor: This is
the conference for you. Always inspiring. Highly recommended.’ 
• ‘#mindblown’ 
• ‘So that was #eyeo2018. Saw some of the most inspiring, brilliant talks by legitimate geniuses.’

Don't miss the chance to meet and hear from so many interesting and talented people. Converge to inspire.

Tickets are on sale now.

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