Nov21 to Jan18


4:00 pm



Allison Baker - Sculptor & Installation Artist

7 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut, a solo exhibit by installation artist, Allison Baker.  Allison is a professor of art at Hamlin University with a Masters in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and has completed residencies across the USA as well as Finland and the United Kingdom.

This exhibit's opening ceremonies will be on Thursday, November 24 from 4pm to 8pm with complimentary wine and refreshments.  Stop in and meet the artist!

From the Artist...

My creative research is firmly rooted in feminist scholarship; my goal is to actualize abstract theoretical concepts as tangible objects and experiences mediated and documented through sound and video to push the boundaries of both academic research and public education in our precious post-digital moment.  Utilizing sculpture, video, new media, and medical narrative of “environmental illness” to examine the competing scientific paradigms that currently, but contradictorily, define and govern the “health” and “normalcy” of our post-digital bodies and homes. Sculptural feminist praxis (specifically, the abject) reveals what our previously considered “safe” and “sterile” domestic spaces, objects, and bodies really are: Semi-monstrous organic communities, of which “we” are only one tiny, post-human part.

A thematic subtext of my work revolves around cleaning, caregiving, and labor. I’ve been unintentionally making work about class and gendered poverty from a position of lived experience. Not with a laser focused clarity or awareness of my intentions and material choices but from within what Bourdieu would call a subordinated position as “the working-class ‘aesthetic’ is a dominated aesthetic, because I’m genuine trailer trash that likes shiny things and trashy things and nacho cheese.

- Allison Baker

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