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Gamut Gallery

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The name Atelophobia was selected by one of the founding collective members Jesse Matthew Petersen. Atelophobia is a psychological condition marked by a phobia of imperfection, or the fear of not being good enough. This anxiety for abstract artists stems from trying to achieve artistic perfection in a stylistic form which should by definition have no boundaries or rules.

The first exhibition in 2015 at St. Cloud’s Gallery Vault included Tara Costello, Nashana Reding-Tuomi, Jesse Matthew Petersen and BDD Downs. The second installment took place the next year in Oneonta, NY and included the addition of Lisa Pemrick. The show included a mixture of collaborative and solo work. This next iteration at Gamut Gallery will include new work from all artists of the group along with newcomer Christopher E. Harrison. The artists of Atelophobia are not afraid to be absorbed by the abstract. Each artist’s works, while abstracted in form, maintain a different and distinct style unique to the spirit and intention of the individual

Opening Night // Saturday August 11, 7-11pm
With DJ Neckbrace aka Jeff Mooridian Jr.
$5 or free with Gallery Membership

Exhibition runs September 6th
FREE open hours Thursdays - Saturdays from 1-7pm or by appointment

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